Recipe: Pasta with butter, heirloom tomatoes and garlic

by Jennifer Borchardt, Harvest Moon Farms

3 medium tomatoes, preferably heirloom
5 to 6 cloves of garlic finely chopped or use a good garlic press
1/2 top quality olive oil
1/2 t red pepper flakes
1/4 chopped fresh parsley
1/4 c organic butter (or fresh, raw milk, unpasteurized, if you can get it) divided in to 4 pieces
1 t coarsely ground sea salt
1 box of pasta (spaghetti or linguine are best).

Peeling the tomatoes: Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Score the bottom of the tomatoes with an “X” to make peeling easy. When water is boiling drop in tomatoes for 20 to 30 seconds. Remove immediately with a slotted spoon to a strainer and run under cold water until tomatoes are no longer steaming. Set aside. Peel and chop when cool enough to handle. Reserve water for cooking the pasta.

Put olive oil in a small saute pan over low heat and add the garlic, stirring occasionally. Make sure the garlic doesn’t brown or burn. Simmer garlic until tender. While garlic is cooking return water to a boil (remember to add 1T of salt to the pasta water) and add one box of pasta. Any will work but spaghetti or linguine are best. While pasta is cooking add chopped tomatoes, red pepper, and parsley to the garlic and olive oil and cook until heated through, about 3 to 5 minutes. Hold over low heat. When pasta is finished drain, reserve 1/4 cooking water. Raise heat of sauce to medium and add butter, 1 piece at a time, whisking, until melted. Add salt, and toss with hot pasta. Don’t add all of the pasta at once, use reserved cooking water if sauce absorbs too quickly. Serve in heated pasta bowls topped with finely grated Parmesan cheese.

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