We’re up to 148 top breweries in Chicagoland!

August 24, 2015 at 10:48 am

We owe a huge apology to our friends in Northwest Indiana. Although we originally included a few Northwest Indiana sites in our list of Chicago’s Top Breweries, we overlooked a lot more. So, we’ve corrected that. (Thanks, guys at Burn ‘Em Brewery, for pointing out our oversight. And, no, that’s not a sarcastic statement.) Eleven more Indiana breweries have been added to our list: 95ate5, Back Road, Burn ‘Em, Crown, Figure 8, Four Fathers,  Ironwood, Route 2, Shoreline, St. John Malt Bros., and Twisted K-8 Brewing. And, we’ve added Cahoots Brewing in Forest Park, IL.

So, we’ve now arbitrarily defined “Chicagoland” as within approximately 100 miles of my house. (Sorry, our apologies go out to South Bend, Elkhart, Culver, Mishawaka, Plymouth, Granger and Lafayette, Indiana — all of which have breweries worth checking out if you’re up for a road trip — but you’re a little too far for us to consider you as a part of “Chicagoland”.)

Also, the update reflects the decision of Chicago Brewing and 18th Street Brewing to start offering their suds in cans.

Check out the newly-revised list here.