Menu Monday Writes Itself

July 27, 2015 at 8:17 am

About Those Beets



This (plus a few peaches not shown) is what our friends the Hardins set us up with at the Oak Park Farmer’s Market last Saturday. And it was not all we got. There was one heirloom tomato from Nichols and nectarines from Stovers because one daughters doesn’t like fuzz. This all came after a huge CSA box from Tomato Mountain*, with turnips, kale, zucchini, broccoli, dill, and their amazing cukes. Where on the menu is all this stuff going?

I’d love to show you pictures of elaborate gratins, innovative use of greens, barrel fermented pickles. Honestly, I got nothing. No recipes. No ideas. No elaborate plans or aspirations for this food. Menu Monday was once my favorite day of the week. I loved thinking about what to do with all we accumulated. Now it annoys me. Intimidates me with its abundance. Summer is beating me down. The heat dissuades me from the baked vegetable dish I once had in mind. A scattered household, inconsistent work schedules keep us from supping as a family. It is a season of social obligations occupying many meal times, and a season of necessary “networking” after the long period fallow occupied with my mother’s death and dying taking up other meal spaces. I have made neither beets nor their greens in recent days.   It all seems like a giant riff from Seinfeld. “We have food. We just don’t have food.”

I, at least, always have salad. When I am around, by myself, I turn to salad. I am proud of my salad abilities. I am forever satisfied with a salad. At least at this time of year. It does not make a difference what all is in the house. Give me a tomato, a cucumber, and a bit of cheese, and I can make do. My idea of change of pace right now, trying a new recipe, is to alter the cut of vegetables, like below. That’s all I go until the Menu Monday inspirations returns.

*Mom works for Tomato Mountain