We Look to Our Friends for This Week’s Harvest of Eat Local Links

April 24, 2015 at 10:23 am

And you think we’re joking about needing to eat local. ┬áVery important read!

Friend of Beet, Beth Osmund, likes that more of us are liking organic foods.

Another Friend of Beet, Chad Rubell likes that some media is focusing on other food issues.

And shout outs to Friend of Beet and Beet Sponsor Vera, on being named one of the best Spanish restaurants in the US.

Our friends at Edible Chicago, via their Twitter feed, point us to this bar with a roof-top garden used for their cocktails.

One way we might get to be better friends with Mark Bittman is to read what he’s reading.

We should think of ourselves as our best friends, so we’ve included ourselves. ┬áHere on the radio this week.

Finally, we always keep up with the news reported on by our friend at FamilyFarmed.