Time Passes, Time to Tamar

July 8, 2014 at 10:55 am

Has the Time of the Locavore Passed?

serrano peppersshiseto peppers

Hey, I’m Mr. Eat with the Seasons, but I want to move on to peppers. As soon as a farmer has some, any, sweet, hot, from a field, grown in a hoop house, smuggled through a rouge Arkansas connection, I’m buying.  I’m buying and I’m working up my options.  As I’m sure I’ve mention many a-times, thinking about what to do with my local produce is nearly as satisfying as actually doing something with my local produce.  Much to the detriment of the rest of the Local Family, I can spend hours talking up what’s coming in the CSA box or what I just bought at the market.  Hell, I get inspired when I see ads for local summer squash in the Treasure Island weekly ad.  I get many  of my best cooking ideas walking Molly the Eat Local Dog.  I’m walking Molly last Sunday with thoughts of food accompanying me.  It dawns on me that I let a whole host of asparagus go to waste.  It dawned on me that without much noticing, the asparagus season passed.  What dawned on me, does anyone care anymore of the passing of seasons.

When we first started the Local Beet, several years ago, the idea that ASPARAGUS WAS IN SEASON seemed so damn exciting.  We covered each  stage, from the lead-up, like we were cable weatherman waiting for Tropical Storm Arthur to morph into a hurricane, to play by-play announcers calling the action as we Iron-chefed the asparagus into multiple dishes, to final, anchorperson gravitas, narrating the inevitable demise as we moved on to the next seasonal delicacy.  Now, does anyone care?  The locavores will eat their asparagus when it’s there.  The others will eat there crap whenever they want.  Who cares if your strawberry is not red, it’s big.

And it’s time to Tamar again.  Due to some very generous farmer friends, we are huge in summer squash and zucchini.  Our Tomato Mountain CSA promises to bring us things like chard and turnips this week, and there is also cauliflower that I had to buy to show Fresh Farm’s my appreciation for having Michigan produce.  Plus, all those peppers.  on Wednesday I will light the grill because of the shishito peppers, and I can use the grill for the zukes and the cauliflower.  I make no specific plans of the serranos besides touching all my dishes with heat, and these first serranos are hot–despite what instinct may tell you, hot weather tends to produce milder peppers, cool weather gets more scovilles.

strawberry infusion

I did get a head start on Tamar-day by making an infusion today. Over the years, I’ve made many, many infusions, predominantly to awful results. You would think there’s nothing easier than putting old fruit into a jar with booze. No. I’ve made some terrible ones. I possess a strong ability to produce salad(s). Without the benefit of measuring, I can almost always get excellent results. My hands know how much salt to sprinkle, pepper to grind, oil and vinegar to dab. In fact, I’m so good at it, I almost never make dressing in advance. I just go as I need. I am the opposite with infusions. Every time I am sureI know what I’m doing, I don’t. Every mix is the wrong mix. I tried to fix secondary fermentations with the use of ultra-proof liquor when that was a problem I should not have had in the first place. Yet, I needed creations before my fruit rotted. This week’s solution seems to be that I’ve infused too long. Those strawberries are coming out in five days, max.

 From my infusions to your asparagus, is anyone paying attention?