If It’s Thursday There Must Be an Interesting Speaker at Eli’s

June 11, 2014 at 4:43 pm

My wife and I, being key members of a Local Family, love farmer’s markets. Before my wife took to working farmer’s markets with Tomato Mountain, we’d hit all sorts of markets. Monday, how about that market in Hinsdale. Tuesday, downtown there’s one at Federal Plaza, and if we were looking for something on a Thursday, how about that one at Eli’s Cheesecake. After all, we could shop for asparagus and eat free samples. A funny thing happened to us one time when visiting this market. There was a speaker. Honestly, I cannot tell you who was the speaker, but it was a speaker that interested my wife and I. So, we stuck around and heard him (or her). We liked it so much, we came back to hear next week’s speaker, and the speaker after that. For the whole summer, when Eli’s, and their partners at Wright College and the Chicago Agricultural High, School, put up a speaker talking about local food and such, we were there, with the students who had to be.  One week it may have been a farmer.  Another week, an advocate.  The speakers covered a range of food topics.  We all learned. I even got to speak once. Flash forward a few years. With my wife’s work routine, we no longer hit as many markets, and we rarely get a chance to see the speakers at Eli’s. Still, we love what they do, and love that they still hold the series. The poster for this year’s events is below. You may not stumble into it like me, but you’ll already know it’s there because of me.

The farmer’s market at Eli’s starts on June 14, but the speaker series does not get rolling until June 26.  Eli’s is located at 6701 W. Forest Preserve Drive, Chicago.  There’s plenty of parking.

speaker series