What’s Not in Season is In Season

April 9, 2014 at 1:10 pm

Klug asparagus

Despite my best intentions, I managed to skip Local Family blogging the entire month of March. When we last met, I went before you to insist myself and my family remained a Local Family despite the lack of posting. I explained that we continued to eat local; it was just we were not throwing ourselves into full born Everlasting Meal mode. When one does not do a lot of tamar-ing, one falls into lazy locavore mode. Opening a jar of summer pickles here, making do with raw radishes there. Eating local with as little effort as possible. I’ve been accumulating pictures of #lazylocavore meals for an actual post, but I am not ready to post. It’s not so much that needing to be posted as this. What’s not in season.

What’s in season? My yearly griping about getting ahead of Spring. See here for instance. I’ll get a whiff that asparagus is showing up on area menus before it’s broken through any local dirt, or I’ll hear about a delicious pea dish being offered. Usually, it’s the chefs and restaurants I like the most that provoke me. Ten months of the year, they’ll prowl the markets, building meals out of what is local and seasonal. Even in the darkest periods they’ll abide by the locavore ethos. Then we get to Mid-March, early April. The idea of one more root crop dish drives them batty. It has to be the season for asparagus, peas, fava beans. Hell, someone’s even selling squash blossoms. They go for it, getting all that Spring things from outta of the area. It drives me batty.

Why cannot all of us wait. This Local Family will not put anything green on its Passover seder table (OK, we’ll cheat with some parsley and other herbs). The meal will have potatoes, carrots and beets and cabbage all from our remaining larder. We’ll manage just fine without any asparagus.

Abiding by What’s Not In Season In Season makes things burdensome. Yet, I enjoy the suffering. Waiting, waiting, waiting for the really good asparagus just adds to the pleasure. Like completing an especially grueling workout-of-the-day, we train ourselves to better compete in the Eat Local games. You have to be ready to eat this way any day, right? The pain in scrounging for one more local meal as the others given in to Cali-produce builds esprit d’corp in the Bungalow. We are proud we know what’s in season and eat accordingly. In my several years of Spring griping, I am not sure I have turned anyone away from what they perceive as being in season now. Will you be the person to give in to join us in the burden.

I may be a very lazy locavore these days, with a terrible recent track record for postings. It may be another month until I post again. Months. Whenever I post again, I guarantee you sometime early next Spring, you’ll see another post like this.