Several Friends in One Place – Winter Market with the Sugar Beet on Sat March 1

February 27, 2014 at 7:27 am

Special Afternoon Winter Market this Saturday at Unity Temple in Oak Park

One of the pleasures of living in Oak Park is the constant presence of Frank Lloyd Wright. People come from around the world to tour the architecture in Oak Park. Four or five days a week, when I’m running late to the gym, I pass such key works as his home and studio. As stunning as a Heurtley or Moore House (among many) can be from the outside, you cannot get the full extent of genius without walking inside. Unity Temple on the other hand, is, well, interesting from the outside but also a hunking block of concrete, foreshadow of Circle Campus, Boston City Hall and all that other brutal buildings to come. Step in, however, and it is warm, gorgeous and positively able to Unitarian-ize you. And this is one Oak Park, Frank Lloyd Wright, you can wander. At least wander when there is also a winter market, a special winter market with movie previews, coop lessons, seed starting workshops and many great vendors.

Many friends of Beet are gathering this Saturday, March 1, in the afternoon at Unity. In fact, one of the oldest friends of Beet, Robin Schirmer, is helping curate this gathering. She’s brought along her old cohorts and other long time friends of the Beet, Tomato Mountain.   Speaking of Tomato Mountain, there is no bigger friend of Beet than the Condiment Queen herself, She’s Cooking, will be staffing the Tomato Mountain table on Saturday. There will be several other great local farms and artisans at this market. And there’s more. Our friends at One Earth Film Festival will be showing previews for their forthcoming event on March 7-9. Finally, those other Beetniks, Oak Park’s Sugar Beet-Coop, fresh off the news of location, will be having a member meeting with many key updates. This is your chance to get involved in rising new community food co-op.

Shop, see, learn all in the confines of one of the world’s great buildings. You have to be inside, this Saturday, March 1, to make it happen. See you there.
Sugar Beet March Market Event
Unity Temple
875 Lake Street
Oak Park, IL
March 1
3 – 5 PM