Weekly Harvest of Eat Local Links

December 2, 2013 at 9:26 am


Eat local winter.

Would you have ever expected to see eat local Dubai?

Grate, Pair, Share – Glossy Wisconsin cheese promo mag can be found online.

Hey we like Anthony Bourdain as much as the next food nerd, but on a list of Instagramers cultivating a better food system?

As if you need incentive to eat real food.

Or incentive to make sure your kids get a good school lunch.


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  1. Robert Haugland says:

    Ironically, Anthony Bourdain is right next to Alice Waters, whom he once referred to as “Pol Pot in a muumuu.” http://blog.sfgate.com/scavenger/2009/10/30/bourdain-likens-alice-waters-to-cambodian-dictator/

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