Are These the Pictures of a Last Market?

October 31, 2013 at 9:50 am

Will You Be Able to Eat Like a Local Family

oak park apples at the end

I have mixed feelings about this picture taken at the last Oak Park Farmer’s Market of 2013.  I agree pretty much with the storage details (although the suggestion of moisture would help the neophyte root cellarist).  I appreciate the sentiment to stock.  I just wish the stocking did not need to happen yet. Should a market be closing when this is what I purchased?

last oak park - 2013

The Local Family did do a little apple stocking a few weeks ago. See, the Condiment Queen wanted to ensure some good baking apples, so we got some Northern Spy and Mutsu from our friend Jimmy Hardin/Hardin Farms to put away. Otherwise, our shopping has been almost entirely focused on pretending it’s still summer.

last daley 2013

This was what I purchased on the penultimate Daley Plaza Farmer’s Market of 2013.  I am not tired of eggplants, nor am I tired of cucumbers.  I will never be tired of peppers, both sweet and hot.  That’s where my market money has been going.  And I have a lot less market opportunities in 2013.  These are not the purchases of end of season markets are they?

Of course Jeannie has been capturing winter/indoor markets in the weekly Local Calendar, and we’ll soon have up a good list.  There are places to buy local food.  True, but nearly all the places where you looked to buy local food have wrapped up for 2013.  This was not always true.  A few years ago, several City of Chicago markets went deep into November.  For instance, I remember meeting my wife at a late November Lincoln Square market where she was selling Tomato Mountain jars.  I made an amazing haul of heirloom winter squashes at $1/per.  Daley and Federal closed late too.  Green City was staying outside until December, with lots of late season items.  Believe me, you have not heard the last of this from me.

greens and farmers cheese

It helps to have a CSA. My CSA from Tomato Mountain* is not stopping**. Recent boxes have been long in cold weather loving greens and tasty radishes. With another seasonal treat, green tomatoes, fermented into pickles by my mother, it made exactly the kind of locavore lunch all local families should be having. Can they?

*If you have not noticed, my wife works for Tomato Mountain
**Fall Tomato Mountain CSA ends in December but then there will be an every other week winter CSA too.