Celebrate Eat Local Day – September 22

September 20, 2013 at 8:16 am

Join Sarah Stegner and Other Chicago Chef’s on a Very Special Occasion

At the Local Beet we believe that every day is eat local day, but we also understand the need to urge a little more adherence to this philosophy. So, when we heard that one of our chef hero’s, Sarah Stegner, and one of our friends, Green City Market Board Member, Cindy Kurman, were cooking up an idea for a National Eat Local Day, we said yes! Sarah and Cindy decided that the Fall Equinox would be as good a time as any to be Eat Local Day, and this year’s Eat Local Day arrives on Sunday, September 22. The goal of Eat Local Day is to raise awareness of the importance of supporting local sustainable farms and increase the flow of local sustainable food to the tables across the country. They enlisted a stellar cadre of chefs long associated with putting local sustainable food on their menus including Alice Waters, Rick Bayless, Norman Van Aken, and Paul Fehribach to make Eat Local Day happen.

This Sunday, restaurants in Chicago and across the country will serve a totally locally sourced item on their menu.   Sarah Stegner has a full spread planned with heirloom tomatoes and pumpkins, local oats, sausage made from Mint Creek lamb and a couple of our great Midwestern cheeses.  Of course the participating restaurants in the Chicago area, like Big Jones, Prairie Grass Cafe Oceanique, and Frontera Grill, treat most days as eat local days. This day, however, they want you to especially notice.

We think that’s a great thing, and we hope you will think about joining them this Sunday.