There’s Other Places to Find Local Food for Your Labor Day BBQ

August 30, 2013 at 1:31 pm

What’s Local at the Neighborhood Grocery

locally grown in ad


We want you to shop at farmer’s markets, subscribe to CSA’s and frequently use Irv and Shelly’s Fresh Picks.  Stop often at Plum Market, Dill Pickle Co-Op and other stores that focus on local food.  Still, there’s no reason why you cannot also find your local food at the nearest supermarket.  As long as they have some.  What are our sources reporting this week.




As you know we always look to you, Dominick’s first all the time because you have gone out of your way to display signs advertising local food.  How do you come through this week?  As in past weeks, their ad highlights two items: local sweet corn, and locally grown greens.


meijer ad2


We’re confident in Meijer’s commitment to local food to think they’re more than the Paula Red applestomatoes and watermelon advertised in this week’s flyer.


Last week, when we did not have time to post, Jewel advertised a whole bunch of local produce.  This week they advertise nothing.

Treasure Island

This store has been surprising me all summer with their advertisements for local food.  Their ad this week lists local heirloom tomatoes, locally grown, “Flame Farm” peaches [ed. Paul Friday flaming fury?], and parsley root (seen that anywhere else??

Angelo Caputo’s

If we had gone to Caputo’s this week, we bet this list would be bigger, but right now all we can tell you is they advertise locally grown sweet corn, Wisconsin fresh red potatoes, and locally grown Romaine lettuce.

Sunset Foods

This North Shore grocery (mini) chain has long advertised its relationship with Didier Farms, one of the last farm stands in operation in Lake County, although this week they only advertise one thing from them, corn.  You’ll have to see at the store if they have some of the other items they’ve touted this summer like summer squash, and eggplant.  On the other hand, they do advertise Michigan grown peaches.

Tony’s Finer Foods

Not only do they not advertise any local foods, they have the special extra demerit this week for advertising imported braeburn or pink lady apples.

Ultra Foods

The pic at the top of this post, that’s Ultra Foods.  Besides advertising their relationship with Windy Ridge Farm of Valparaiso, Indiana, they specifically advertise Wisconsin red potatoes and home-grown bi-color sweet corn.

Food 4 Less


Super Low Foods

See Food 4 Less


See Super Low Foods


ag - ad2


At least there’s green peppers.


wi paula apples


One item, but one that slightly surprised us as we rarely see commercially grown Wisconsin apples in the grocery stores.



What local foods are you seeing at your neighborhood grocery stores?