You Can Find Local Food This Weekend at Caputo’s, Sunset Foods – Where Else?

August 16, 2013 at 4:07 pm

Each week Jeannie Boutelle does an amazing job collecting a range of eat local events in the Local Calendar.  She also highlights certain farmer’s markets and links you to our master table of markets. She also includes a list of “Where to Find Local Foods.” This time of year, however, we know that where to find local foods also includes a few more places. Some recent trips to Caputo’s in Elmwood Park have found rashes of locavorism breaking out, and our source in Northbrook tells us that Sunset Foods also has a hanker for eat local right about now.


As you know we look to you, Dominick’s first all the time because you have gone out of your way to display signs advertising local food.  How do you come through this week?  According to their current ad, they have local sweet corn, and locally grown greens.


We did not get a paper with a Meijer ad in it this week, but we would expect they still have much local food.  In previous weeks they advertised local: red leaf and romaine lettuce; radishes, chili peppers, zucchini and summer squash, green beans, roma tomatoes, white potatoes, watermelon, and cucumbers.  Granted we have no advertising proof, but we have confidence in Meijer.


It has not been a summer of much local at Jewel, based on our ad research, but week they make a huge leap.  Their current ad shows Illinois cilantro, sweet corn, and beets and Michigan yellow or green zucchini,  green beans, eggplant, and tomatoes.

Treasure Island

This store has been surprising me all summer with their advertisements for local food.  This week’s ad shows Michigan red haven peaches, and local grown heirloom tomatoes and green bell peppers.

Angelo Caputo’s

caputo - local display - august 2013

This is just inside the door at Caputo’s.  Of course it’s already after you’ve gone past the bins of local, Michigan apples.

caputo - tomatoes - august 2013


Then you get to these.  My wife has canned these Michigan tomatoes in prior years, so I can vouch for their usefulness and deliciousness.

Sunset Foods

This North Shore grocery (mini) chain has long advertised its relationship with Didier Farms, one of the last farm stands in operation in Lake County.  From Didier this week, they have sweet corn, summer squash, and eggplant.  In addition, they have Illinois peaches and Michigan tomatoes.

What local foods are you seeing at your neighborhood grocery stores?