Local Food EveryWhere – Keeping on Top of Dominick’s and the Rest of the Grocery Stores

August 1, 2013 at 2:12 pm

What’s Local at Your Neighborhood Supermarket

caputos sign

We apologize for the lack of report last week as we had a paper bereft of flyers. We make up for this week by finding many adverts as well as having made recent visits to Caputo’s (Elmwood Park) and Dominick’s. Good thing too, as we’re finding this is the time of year when local food is everywhere.


As we’ve reported, Dominick’s has made big promises towards local food in their stores. Still, while they display many signs saying they have local food, they display NO signs marking local foods. Finding local produce at Dominick’s requires looking closely at labels. For instance, on bundles of beets, the ties say “Illinois grown.” Otherwise, there’s no evidence to match their other signs.

dominicks ad

A better way to find what local produce Dominick’s does has is to look at their advertisement. There you can see they have locally grown greens.



meijer ad


This Michigan based grocery chain has been making a strong commitment to local produce for years, as their current ad attests. And in that ad are promotions for much local: red leaf and romaine lettuce; radishes, chili peppers, zucchini and summer squash, green beans, roma tomatoes, white potatoes, watermelon, and cucumbers.

Tony’s Finer Foods

Nothing advertised.


This grocery chain has managed to stick around for a long, long time. They are currently advertising Michigan blueberries.

A & G International Fresh Market

This is a fun store on Belmont on Chicago’s Northwest side, with an especially interesting and good selection of offal. They don’t tend to push local produce though, and their weekly ad only shows one item, sweet corn.



Treasure Island

As in previous weeks, their black and white ad on the back page of the Tribune Food section shows several local things: red beets, green kale, sweet corn, and green beans.

Angelo Caputo’s

See that sign atop this post, that’s at Caputo’s. This place loves it’s local. Their current ad features locally grown sweet corn, celery,and cabbage. In store, besides the peaches, we also found local blackberries and Melrose peppers.

Super Low Foods

This little chain, with 3 locations running roughly along Grand Avenue starting in Elmwood Park, really did well this week. Their ad showed Michigan pickles, green beans, cucumbers, celery, and eggplant and Wisconsin cabbage.