A Second Helping at the Green City Market

May 29, 2013 at 6:30 am

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My first visit of the season to one of my favorite farmer’s market was a chilly ‘Chicago gray’ kind of day.

This past Saturday we visited the Green City Market with the kids and some friends. As soon as we got close to the market I could smell some of the delicious fresh food being cooked. It was lunchtime and I was starving. Now I just had to pick something to nosh on.

I saw the River Valley Market Grill booth had a line-up about a dozen people deep. I figured those people all knew something that I didn’t so I decided to follow the line. With deliciousness like grilled mushroom burgers, fresh asparagus and vegan gluten-free tamales, I was sold.


I got an order of tamales and an an order of fresh grilled asparagus. I inhaled the asparagus. It was so fresh, right off the grill and topped with a sauce of onions and mushrooms, it was heaven. The tamales were insanely delicious as well.

As we were leaving the market I went back for more. As I was in line they yelled out that their last order of tamales was up for grabs. I was like a fourth grader waving my hand in the air and yelling ‘MINE!’ I happily stuffed my face with another order of tamales.

gluten-free tamales and grilled asparagus

gluten-free tamales and grilled asparagus

Some other things I picked up:

Tomato mountain salsa. After sampling half a dozen varieties, I couldn’t pick just one, so I picked three; garden tomato, habanero and roasted tomatillo.


I also picked up a few portobello mushrooms, which that evening I marinated in red wine, balsamic vinegar and steak spice and turned into juicy portobello burgers, and topped with grilled onions, grilled avocado and roasted red peppers while I snacked on Tomato Mountain roasted tomatillo salsa and organic corn chips.

grilled portobello bugers

grilled portobello burgers on a gluten-free bun

I’m looking for your recommendations, what did you munch on at the farmer’s market this weekend?

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  1. ken says:

    I love this vendor. The asparagus tamales and asparagus burger were things I’ve never seen or eaten before but they were really good. One of my favorite things to eat in Chicago. I want to know how they made them!!!

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