UPDATED! – Good Food Festival Links

March 22, 2013 at 9:49 am

Time Out Chicago highlights a few of the exhibitors.

Highlights of the Chicago Food Policy Summit

Chicago Foodies shows you what you missed if you missed Localicious.

Here’s Ashley’s report and pictures.

Getting local food in with the big buyers.

Wynn enjoyed the good food.

NEW!City Girl Country Roots says, “The Good Food Festival Chicago - founded by Jim Slama of Family Farmed - was brimming with passionate & knowledgeable folks sharing their products and ideas, and I can honestly say after participating in the Festival my life has been forever changed for the better.”

NEW! – Pictures and recap from Chicago Now.

NEW! – Friend of Beet Kate Gross and Cobra Corn (video).

NEW!Buedel Meats liked the Fest.

NEW! – Of course you can always go to FamilyFarmed for a whole set of links explaining the Festival.