Victory Today at Chicago Flower & Garden Show

March 4, 2013 at 1:41 pm

Victory Gardens first sprouted up in Chicago 70 years ago, when the impact from war efforts forced people to ration and start growing their own food. All of a sudden, people who had never before gardened were doing so, and their efforts wound up providing the city with 55% of its produce. Fast forward to today, Chicago is inundated with supermarkets, and gardening seems to no longer be a priority, though unhealthy lifestyles could certainly benefit from it. That’s where the Peterson Garden Project comes in, and their Victory Today display at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show, which runs from March 9 through March 17 at Navy Pier, serves to demonstrate that.

The Peterson Garden Project is an organization that teaches people to grow their own food from community vegetable gardens throughout Chicago. They know the importance of gardening today, especially in light of the impacts from the unhealthy influences that saturate society. The organization’s Victory Today show exhibits how growing your own food ultimately contributes to a better world. The theme can be relatable for everyone, and members of the PGP leadership team will highlight a series of modern victories at the show, from growing food that tastes great and saves money to growing food that teaches kids and builds communities.

The public is encouraged to get involved and share their own personal victories through a PGP social media campaign. PGP will post a series of victories in an album on their Facebook page, and people can share the one that best represents why they grow their own food. At the exhibit, they’ll have postcards will different victories on them, and attendees can take whichever is most meaningful to them. There will also be an 11×7 image for people to hold for pictures, which PGP will then use to share on Instagram with the hashtag #VictoryToday. It’s all part of personalizing the Victory Today theme for everyone.

A preview benefit for the Chicago Flower & Garden Show takes place March 8, wherein a portion of proceeds can be designated to PGP, and tickets for the general show can be purchased here.