It’s Been a Week, So We’ve Harvested More Eat Local Links

February 1, 2013 at 12:05 pm

Here’s some good stuff we’ve come across.

Last Sunday, we ran into a Friend of Beet involved with the Logan Square Farmer’s Market.  He wanted to tout the produce now being sold by the folks at the Plant at the market, giving folks a chance to have some more locally sourced produce in the winter.  He must have been talking to others too, because the Reader does a nice job what’s happening and so does Gebert  and Chicagoist.

No one will be here for the moderator (hint it’s me).  Instead, scored the premier expert and advocate for fermented foods for this year’s Good Food Festival.  Here’s a little taste.  Like I say, I’ll have a very good seat, but for you, the tickets will go fast.  Sign up now.

We love that university students in cold, cold Canada are challenging themselves to eat local.

The Tomato Mountain Winter CSA crowd wondered about turnips.  Here’s a good recipe.

Man, we love that other people keep an inventory of their winter food.

The Hungry Girls bake breads to stay local.

Eat local Peru (ojala)

Which side are you on?

Feel free to share other eat local reading you are doing.