Welcome Our First Sponsor, Be Next

November 26, 2012 at 1:02 am

Since we started the Local Beet over four years ago, we placed ads on our pages.  We do this web site because we believe in the cause of eating local, and we do this web site, probably most, because we enjoy doing it, sharing our love for eating local.  We also want to do this in a way that supports and enhances itself.  Thus, we’ve placed ads on the site.  Still, for most of the four years of this site, we have outsourced the ad work to our great friends in Mountain View.  Google sold the copy, and Google decided what you would see on our site (with results like an ad for Vermont cheese on my page last week).  For doing that, Google took most of the ad sale revenue.  No offense to Google, but we’d like to try ourselves.

We are working to replace Google ads with like minded folks.  Folks who share our cause of eating local.  Folks who enjoy food like we enjoy food.  Fittingly, Green Grocer Chicago signed on to be our first sponsor.  Green Grocer Chicago and the Local Beet practically share a history–a nice little bit of history can be found here.  Now, I’d like to say, my family and mine local eating pre-dated Cassie and her Green Grocer, but on the other hand, her store did start before the Beet by several months.  Nonetheless, her innovative and special store made it easier for us to actually eat local.  It also made it easier to believe that there was something to this locavore thing.  We’ve always been able to turn to Green Grocer for local food, even in the darkest periods.  Besides those Windy City Harvest greens that kept us going, Cassie also introduced us to a lot of other products for our local needs.  There was Nice Cream ice cream, and artisanal donuts years ahead of the trend.  We could fill our larder with the right eggs, and draw upon a deep supply of local booze.  We’ve always loved Green Grocer Chicago.

Now, we love them even more because they took the plunge.  Cassie and Gary certainly are not afraid to be first.  They were the first to open a store dedicated to local foods, and now they are the first to sponsor us.  You can be next.  We have opportunities for banner ads and promoted posts.  We also have opportunities for you to sponsor our most widely used features such as the 2013 CSA Guide.  You can contact me at Rob@thelocalbeet.com for a rate sheet.

We love our sponsor, Green Grocer Chicago.   We have a lot of other love too, so do not be afraid to be next.