Things that Make Us Pissed in the Weekly Harvest for November 12

November 12, 2012 at 10:59 am

I think most eat localists found the results of the election last week satisfying, well almost satisfying.  A lot of were rooting for California to pass Prop 37 regarding GMO labeling.   Now, some in California were wondering if they should self-label.  Others are just pissed.  Bittman’s not too pleased either, but gives some perspective.

Speaking of pissed, were you like us, pissed that you could not make this year’s Pie-Palooza in Madison?  One of new favorite blogs, MadTable, gives us some of what we missed (and makes us that much more annoyed).

If they can eat local in Alaska, we should be able to eat local here.

As they say at Butcher and Larder, it matters where your bacon and salami starts.

Share your eat local links, especially things that have you a bit angry.