We’re Getting Back to Harvesting Some Eat Local Links – The Weekly Harvest – 10/15/12

October 16, 2012 at 9:12 am

We try to keep an eye on interesting posts, blogs, articles of an eat local nature.  See what links we’ve harvested this week.

No one invited the Local Beet to sample really old local cheese, but writers for the Reader and Chicagoist both got to see what 40 year old cheddar tastes like.

See how at least one Midwestern farmer realizes the value in extending the season.

You know a baby pig tastes delicious but could you do it yourself?  One time Beetnik Mark S answers the call.

The New York Times included a special magazine this last Sunday dedicated to food.  Of interest for people like us, Bittman covered the place where non-locavores go to eat, and Pollan covered a possible break though in the good food movement coming out of the same state.

Follow the changes Tasha has for her blog.

At Meal Six, Ellen looks at where our problems may begin.

Jeannie would kill me if I did not link to Nourishing the Planet, so here’s a link to catch up with them.

Let us know where else you’re finding wonderful wisdom on local eating.


Meal six of 100, Ellen wonders who’s the problem at Monsanto.

Jeannie would kill me if I did not link to Nourishing the Planet, and this link will let you know what they’ve been doing.

This Sunday’s New York Times contained a special food magazine.  You may be interested in a few of the articles.  Here, Mark Bittman explores the land in California will all non-locavores go to eat, and here, Michael Pollan wonders if the good food movement can step up and achieve a significant political victory, also in California.