We Look Again for Local Food in the Local Papers – UPDATED

August 8, 2012 at 11:34 am

UPDATE: – As we thought, we’d find at least one more grocery store advert somewhere, and with that, we found a little more local food.  See Super Low Foods below.

Like so many of you, we don’t get a paper delivered to us every morning anymore. We do, however, love the papers. Well at least the papers on certain days. We love a good, five pound, Sunday New York Times, and we like, at least this time of year, a supplement infested Wednesday edition. We like it because we like looking for the local food. As we told you last week, we firmly believe it’s a good thing that our local grocery stores proudly advertise their local food offerings. We firmly believe there’s nothing wrong in getting your local food at your local grocery. We want you to eat local, and if it means getting your local food at Jewel or Caputo’s, go for it.

As you’ll see below, our spotting this week was a bit limited by the amount of supplements in the paper we bought.  If we run across any more adverts; for instance, a Trib package often shows up at our door, we’ll update.

Meijer – The Chicago Tribune we picked up today did not include a flyer for Meijer, so we cannot tell you what they have.  We can tell you that we were at the Meijer in Niles over the weekend, and there was a full range of local produce including lettuce, radishes, and hot peppers.

Ultra – No supplement in our paper

Jewel – They advertise two local items this week:

  • Sweet corn
  • Zucchini and summer squash

Dominicks – Over the weekend, we saw at a Dominicks, a poster for Illinois corn on a window.  Their current ad advertises corn and a few other local items:

  • Sweet corn (Twin Gardens)
  • Cabbage
  • Blueberries

Super Low Foods – We came across a flyer for this store and found these local foods advertised:

  • Sweet corn
  • Green peppers

Tony’s – No ad in our paper

Aldi’s -No ad in our paper

Angelo Caputo’s – We shop at Caputo’s enough to know they carry a high commitment to local food.  This week they advertise:

  • Extra large tomatoes
  • Celery
  • Green peppers
  • Sweet corn

A&G – We don’t usually see their flyer, but we got one this week.  We’ve always though A&G, on the Northwest side of Chicago, to be a decent grocery, combining low prices with a range of foods from different ethnic groups.  If you want offal, it’s a good place to shop.  Lots of international candies too.  We’ve never seen much emphasis on local fruits and vegetables beyond Michigan apples, and this week’s ad does not advertise any produce as local.