Weekly Harvest 7/13/12 Sustainable Food Blogs Here and Yonder

July 13, 2012 at 4:51 pm

¬†Since this is a roundup of mostly sustainable food issues mentioned in the blogosphere I had to include a picture of Peter Klein’s from Seedling Farms bicycle powered blender for the Green City Market BBQ last night. Not only did it make the carbon foot print smaller but it kept the noise level down by not using a generator. Peter uses solar power at his farm so it makes sense he would be creative with power at the BBQ! This is a picture of a waste container from a Wednesday at the GCM but those volunteers last night were on point directing all of us to compost, recycle or landfill!

Before I get into the weekly round-up, I have to do a shout out to Beetnik Melissa Graham, who was listed on The Greatist.com for “The Top 15 Crusaders for Health in the Food Industry” .Who are some of the others? Included on the list with Melissa was Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, Marian Nestle to name a few. Way to go Melissa!!

Drought and heat was one of the talked about issues this week. WBEZ reported “Some farmers mow fields as drought worsens“. The State Journal Register out of Springfield “Drought designation extended to entire state.” Treehugger.com reported “Organically Grown Corn Outperforms Non-Organic in Drought Conditions” Terradaily posted “Climate Change May Lead to Fewer – But More Violent Thunderstorms

The issues of the meat world continue to rise to the top of the internet issues pile “The Kindest Cut of Meat is Ground” an essay written by Danielle Nierenberg of Nourishing the Planet and Brian Halweil of Edible Manhattan in the New York Times, not all cuts of meat are equal. Here’s what they had to say about the essay on the Huffington Post. Sweet Pea Media and Edible Chicago produced this video on the partnership between Q7 Ranch and Standard Market in Westmont, “Rancher Meets Butcher” The Atlantic published a post “How Your Chicken Dinner is Creating a Drug-Resistant Superbug” The Salt at NPR, put out “A Nation of Meat Eaters:See How It All Adds Up“, on the effect of meat consumption in the US. Finally, one more among other related posts The Pew Charitable Trusts “Chefs Highlight Need to End Overuse of Antibiotics in Food Animal Production” Sign this petition to ask Trader Joe’s to sell meat without drugs.

Articles on Monsanto and GMOs, and petitions against Monsanto increase, GMwatch.org “Former Monsanto Employee Warns of Genetically Modified Food Concerns“. Sign this petition for the Millions Against Monsanto campaign. Here’s a good one, Dupont and Monsanto go head to head over patents from Equity.com

Here’s an update on the Farm Bill from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition.

Okay, now for some happy news from The Chicagoist, if this doesn’t get you smiling nothing will, cows listen to tuba music

Grist.org highlighted top chefs going to food policy boot camp.

Finally, Iliana Regan who is opeing Elizabeth Restaurant has a new post on urban foraging at Finding Foods.

Terra Brockman of The Seasons on Henrys Farm is now putting out fantastic posts at BrockmanFamilyFarming.com on what is in season and what is going on at the farm.

And I can’t forget to check in with Grant and Ellen from the 100mealproject who attended chefs camp as guests at Spence Farm.

For those needing a little incentive to check more things off the list, Grubstreet Chicago updated us on Gabriel Viti who is closing Gabriels in Highwood but keeping his other restaurant Miramar open, meanwhile in 18 months he has climbed the 7 summits and done a few other things. Gosh, if he has been able to do all that in 18 months,maybe I can just get up 5 minutes earlier every day, okay 10. : > )!!!

Happy TOC, Pitchfork¬†and farmer’s market foraging this weekend!