The Weekly Harvest 6/22/12 Sustainable Food Blogs Here and Yonder

June 22, 2012 at 2:19 pm

 For me the theme of the Weekly Harvest this week is synchronicity. The post that was the “star of the week” for me was by Anthony Todd of the Chicagoist, “A Gardener’s Paradise:Seed Savers Heritage Farm“. I had heard of Seed Savers Exchange , but for me, the middlevore, I never was really clear what it was all about. Dave Snyder, the farmer in charge of the magnificent rooftop farm at Uncommon Ground Devon even had a Seed Savers T-shirt on last night at a party on the roof. Dave has a smile on his face for a reason, he is the lucky person who gets to care for the garden. Chef Matthew Holmes gets to call Uncommon Ground his home now and I love the fact there is a such a short link between farmer and chef. Anthony’s pictures and article give you a sense of what Seed Saver’s is about, heirloom varietals. Dave is now going to grow varietals in the rooftop plots that are too fragile to make it to the market or restaurant by truck. Fortunate diners at Uncommon Ground will be able to taste heirloom varietals they would not find anywhere else because they are grown there, then picked from the vine, brought down the stairs to the kitchen and from there to the plate. Pretty cool!

The Farm Bill passed this week, the National Sustainable Agricultural Coalition has their insights about it here. Grist thought it was not all bad news. Marion Nestle breaks down the bill and gives her take on it here.

Lots going on this week in the sustainable blogosphere. For those aspiring food activists you can take action on these petitions. The Center for Science in the Public Interest, “Ask Nestle to stop breaking its pledge not to market candy to children”. Here is another petition about plastic bag use in Illinois, “Don’t Let Big Plastic Bully me!” Mother Jones talks about “Is a Soda-Tax a Good Idea?

The American Farmland Trust opened their annual contest, “Vote for Your Favorite Farmers Market

Rio-20 (The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development) took place this week in Brazil. Danielle Nierenberg of Nourishing the Planet took part.Women Deliver has more to say about Rio-20. The Barilla Institute for Science and Nutrition has collaborated with the Worldwatch Institute on a new book, “Eating Planet 2012“.

Here is a great documentary that I actually need to watch again, “The Slow Food Revolution” by Australian filmmakers, portraying the history behind the Slow Food Movement.  It is on Hulu so be patient, the obnoxious ads only last for 30 seconds before you get to the film.

I first heard about the legend or legendary Kenny Shopsins from Jeanne Calabrese of Slow Food Chicago, this week Serious Eats posted a link about him and the documentary “I Like Killing Flies

The Brockman family blogs document the day to day issues and tasks and thoughts behind the produce of Henry’s Farm which has an incredible stand at the Evanston Farmers market.

Farmers Markets of the Heartland” by Janine MacLachlan is now out and available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

A week can’t go by without checking up with Eleanor Baron of Nourishing Words.

Louisa Chu at WBEZ’s blog has her list of food events for the weekend.

Rodale has a list of 8 foods you should only buy from a farmers market.

Chicagotastebuds gives us a peek and some thoughts as to what is going on at Philip Foss’s El Ideas.

Iliana Reagan the urban forager, chef and restauranteur has a new post at “Finding Foods

FInally, Fellow Beet Kelly Hewitt always has some great info on EatatKellys, read her other post on Strawberry Wine Jelly here if for some reason you missed it.