Find a New Rose – Brown Trout Farmer’s Markets, Tuesday Nights

June 19, 2012 at 2:54 pm

Obviously, I’m a total foodie total food nerd; totally obsessed with food.  And the world’s greatest foodies from Proust to Bourdain to this year, Achatz, tell me, I’m supposed find my happy memories through certain tastes and smells.  Yet, I never find food nostalgic or evocative.  I do find that, however, with music.  Get a little 70′s punk rock on, and I’m transported.  On the other hand, with food, it’s all about what’s in front of me.  What I most love to have in front of me is farmer’s markets.

I love my farmer’s markets.  I love the robust, have it all markets with carrots in six colors, duck eggs, and gooseberry soda. but I also love the forlorn, started last week with a brand new bakery and produce from “southern Illinois, markets.  I think I know my markets.  I think I know what’s there, the crappy and the crafty.  Sometimes, however, I need to find something new.

I first met Tom Leavitt a few years ago, when I hopped aboard a bio-diesel bus they chartered to take some folks on a crop mob to Spence Farm.  Since then, I’ve actively followed Tom’s work in bringing more into the locavore fold, especially more chefs.  This year, Tom and some others started Ground Up Chicago, from a ”desire to create a permanent organization promoting farmer-chef collaboration.”  One big initiative of Ground Up Chicago has been to launch, with Sean Sanders, a farmer’s market at Sander’s restaurant, Brown Trout.  The market runs currently on Tuesday nights.  When Beetnik Jeannie Boutelle writes the weekly Local Calendar, she calls this market a “must shop.”

I did not realize how much of a must shop until I got a whiff of the vendors a-comin’.  I should say something more like, I have barely a whiff of the vendors a-c0min’.  What I mean, is this is a new rose of a farmer’s market.  Sanders told the Center Square Journal:

[I]pitched the idea of a market that could serve as an incubator of sorts for fledgling farmers, people just trying to get their feet wet…You’re going to see different farmers than at Green City. The fee alone, $25 versus $400 for other ma to newbies like Frillman, who barely has crops to sell at this point.rkets, makes BrownTrout’s version more palatable

To that purpose, they’ve gathered a pretty interesting and diverse group of new roses. This week, they’ll have vegetables from Frillman Farms and locally raised veal and lamb from Catalpa Grove Farms.

Browntrout is located at 4111 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago and the market runs on Tuesdays from 5-8 PM.  


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  1. @GroundUpChicago’s Browntrout Farmers Market is a gem. In addition to a small but superb selection of local farmers–Catalpa Grove Farm (Dwight, IL), Frillman Farms (Prairie View, IL) and Lucky Duck Farm (Forrest, IL)–locavores can indulge in hand-crafted sweet treats from @botbakery and @puffsofdoom. Host @BrowntroutSean caters to little people during his kid’s demo which has previously featured cheese paninis, omelets, strawberry snow cones and buttered corn-on-the-cob. It’s a kid-friendly micro-market that I recommend to any north-sider who cares about family farms and the emerging new food economy here in Chicago.

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