The Weekly Harvest 6/15/12 Blogs Here and Yonder

June 15, 2012 at 11:31 am

apronSummer is already sizzling and there still is a lot going on in the blogosphere here and yonder despite the beautiful weather and all the events going on out doors. The guys at The Red Meat Market will start adding their tales from around Chicago on sustainable carnivory.

Urban Habitat Chicago is hosting a series on Organic Farming starting tomorrow, the information is here.

Wired, offered an article on another new idea for sustainable meat, Pastured Poultry.

Ben Hewitt, the Vermont farmer, writer, philosopher, father puts out yet again another soulful post on farming, Baled Out.

Our friends at the Chicagoist put out a piece on the reforms going on in the restaurant licensing system in Chicago.

Here is your chance to take action, The Center for Science in the Public Interest has 2 petitions going to help improve nutrition by supporting 2 amendments to the Farm Bill. Food Democracy Now has a petition every week that you can sign to support positive changes to the food system, here is the one they sent out this week, “Tell the Senate to Label GMOs and Support Organics”

A lot of information has come out of Slow Food USA this week, one was a link to the speech Slow Food President ¬†Carlo Petrini gave to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Species this past May. His speech was titled “Indigenous Cultures and Food Sovereignty”

Terra Madre and the Salone de Gusto happens this year, to find out what it is and what is going on, here is a link to its site. For those interested in what is going to be discussed at the International Congress that takes place at the same time as Terra Madre, here is a draft on their position paper that will be the focal point of the Congress, “The Central Role of Food” that is available on the Slow Food website.

A week can’t go by without checking out what is going on at “Nourishing The Planet“.

If you saw something this week that is a “must read” post it in the comments below!!!