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May 25, 2012 at 1:02 pm

Weather can’t be better so this post may be better reading on your Ipad, phone, laptop, while sitting outside! Here is a smattering of blogs local and yonder.

The issue of a high rate of farmer suicides in India has been ongoing, most accounts attribute it to the switch to GMO seeds.

Nourishing The Planet from the Worldwatch Institute has daily content, in this one they highlighted the documentary, “The Last Farmer” about the effect of globalization on small farmers.

Eleanor Baron at Nourishing Words latest post relates  to Week Six of Hungry for Change: Food, Ethics and Sustainability, a discussion course offered though the Northwest Earth Institute . Readings featured this week were written by Christian Schwagerl, Mark Bittman, Jonathan Bloom, Roger Bybee, Lisa Abend, Raj Patel and Anna Lappe.

Ben Hewitt, farmer, writer(The Town That Food Saved, Making Supper Safe), philosopher latest post is about Apple his cow and so much more.

Huffington Post has covered the closing of Logan Square Kitchen as well as Making The Right Connections with Local Food by Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon and Kathleen Merrigan Deputy Secretary of the USDA and Bee Kills in the Cornbelt: What Does Got To Do With It.

Food In Jars has just come out with a book, The Food In Jars Cookbook.

Local blogger, writer, chef, entertainer, Kiki Lufringshausen at Beauty and Her Feast narrates her incredible stage at Moderno.

Grubstreet Chicago did a really interesting writeup on the rooftop gardens and hives at the Palmer House Hilton, “Chef Val Benner Tells Us What Is Growing On Top of the Palmer House Hilton

Tasting Table alerted us to this new craft beer blog, MashtunJournal out of Marie’s Packaged Goods Store.

The Salt at NPR revisits Pink Slime

Grist.org posted a cartoon that explains whats wrong with our food system in four minutes.

Monica Eng at the Chicago Tribune reported in on a USDA study that shows that healthful foods are not the much more expensive then junk foods.

We can’t end the week without checking in with The Chicagoist who posts us about Small Business Memorial Day.

Have a great holiday and enjoy this beautiful weather, woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As usual, feel free to post feedback, recommendations, and your comments below.


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  1. Thanks for pointing to our Hungry for Change course posts again. It really was worthwhile; I hope you either organize one or participate in one out your way soon, if you haven’t already.

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