Weekly Harvest 5/11/12 Blogs Here and Yonder

May 11, 2012 at 11:20 am

So many amazing blogs but it is that time of year to be outside as much as possible. So if you didn’t have time this week to scan the blogosphere here are a few snippets and links to ones that we came across.

Alertnet is a free humanitarian news service sponsored by Thomson Reuters. They published a list of the top ten food trailblazers in the world.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest has a petition going to support vegetables and fruits in schools, you can sign it here. They are ,also, the sponsors of Food Day October 24, 2012.

Author, farmer, activist, Ben Hewitt out of Vermont always has something to say.

Serious Eats had a great introduction piece on Urban Gardening.

Reuters put out a report on “How Washington Went Soft on Childhood Obesity

Nourishing The Planet pointed out that Carlo Petrini, the Slow Food International President, will address the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues on Monday, May 14.

Eleanor Baron’s latest post on Nourishing Words is titled, “Eating for Earth“.

Iliana Regan, at Finding Foods, the woodland chef, has some pictures up of her latest finds and dishes that she made.

The Salt at NPR always has thoughtful commentary, this time on Jefferson’s garden and  The Salt, won the 2012 James Beard award for Group Food Blog.

Locally, here is Grant Kessler’s latest post on The 100MealProject.

A huge congrats and shout out to local blog, LottieandDoof ,who won the Saveur Magazine 2012 Best Cooking Blog award.

Poormansfeast won the 2012 James Beard award for individual food blog.

Quite frankly if you are trying to source, buy, cook, eat, local, I realize I write for The Beet but there are some darn good posts on cooking, sourcing local right here on The Local Beet be sure to check every post out!!

Happy reading, foraging, eating!!!!!!!!!!

There are always “after I hit the Publish button posts”, this week were 2 beer blogs, the first, Chitownontap and the second another beer blog, Goodbeerhunting. Cheers!