The Weekly Harvest 4/12/12: Blogs Here and Yonder

April 12, 2012 at 12:35 pm

A lot going on in the blogosphere this week, there is a symposium held today, 4/12/12, sponsored by the New America Foundation, “Feeding the World, While The Earth Cooks”, go here for the live stream, the panelists, the twitter feeds and the content.

Yesterday, 4/11/12, was the symposium and launch of “State of the World 2012 Launch and Symposium- Moving Towards Sustainable Prosperity” sponsored by the Worldwatch Institute. There is a lot of content on the link and videos of what went on and was discussed.

There is a separate post on this one on the Beet but in case you missed it, the Center for Science in the Public Interest did a soft launch of the announcement of FOOD DAY 2012, October 24, 2012. The Food Day site is here and a link to the video explaining the motivation and reasoning behind, why hold a Food Day is here.

Okay, on a local level we have our own, “Nourishing the Farmer Team” going on, and that is multi-talented Grant Kessler and food, chef, restaurant, media maven and the woman who is truly living the locavore life, Ellen Malloy who have announced their project, “One Hundred Meals- Building Community at America’s Tables” What is it? You’ll have to go to Ellen’s blog but here is a very brief description in her own words, ” Grant and I are going to embark on a project to explore farms and tables with one hundred meals. Some big meals. Probably some meals that are sorta just snacks because there wasn’t time for much else. All sorts of meals at all sorts of farms and around all sorts of tables.”

Ellen’s post this week on The Backyarditarian is Fermentation.

If there is anyone who reads this post on a weekly basis, you know a week can’t go by without a read of Eleanor Baron’s “Nourishing Words“.

Or of course, Ben Hewitt’s always soulful posts from his off the grid farm in Vermont.

And finally, despite all the symposiums on food sustainability and the planet taking place in Washington, D. C., “Nourishing The Planets” content continues on, on all sorts of food sustainability projects and issues, helping the planet.

NPR always has great content at The Salt.

Our friends at The Chicagoist always have breaking food news on what’s happening in Chicago, including the announcement of the LTHForum 2012 Great Neighborhood Great Neighborhood and Resource Awards. To quote @mariannevelonis on twitter ” @LTHForum is who i trust for the best restaurant recos in chicago. no PR, no hype, no yelpers. 2012 list here Her quote is SO TRUE!!!

We can’t forget Michael Gebert’s posts at Grubstreet Chicago (thank you Michael for including sustainable food events in your posts) and of course, Sky Full of Bacon that explores the chefs, the food and the issues, the ingredients, among other things, of the top restaurant kitchens in Chicago.

Always happens, I hit the “Publish button” and then see a nice little tidbit to add, in case you missed it on the Local Beet’s Facebook page, a silent video on “Slo-Pig

Oh gosh, there is so much more going on in the local, Chi-town sustainable food blogosphere. Do you want to recommend one or have it move up to the top of the read list, so many blogs, such little time, well, leave a link in the comment section below!!!