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March 8, 2012 at 12:25 pm

Gosh, where have I been? I discovered some local blogs this week that I am assuming many of you at The Local Beet are aware. The roundup is truly a roundup and a mixture of all things here and yonder!

Greensug.blogspot.com “Deathly Hallows, Part Deux” about her meal celebrating all things British. “Trading pork bellies and coffee by day, then roasting them all up at night, Joanna is a commodities broker by trade, urban farmer/food adventurer at heart. She writes about her steep learning curve in Kendall College’s culinary certificate program, the tails of Old Town hens and her eco-loving, sweet-living at Green Sugar.” Joanna links to a lot of other great food blogs!

Okay, here is another local blog, They call it, Fed Up but the blog address is Filleduporfedup.com Food is supposed to nourish us, to keep us alive and thriving – and yet lately the way we feed ourselves is having the opposite effect. This blog asks are you getting filled up or fed up with what you eat. They happen to be sponsoring a fundraiser on March 28th for the NPO Fresh Moves at the Greenhouse based at the Chicago Green Exchange. . Go to the blog link for further details.

Here is another, the blogs just keep floating out of the Twitter/Facebooksphere…Lilgirlbigcam did a great piece on The Bedford, the pictures are beautiful and chef Mark Steuer is a true friend to the farmer.

The City of Chicago now has a section on their site for the Environment and Sustainability here...

The USDA just came out with a site, Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Compass which shows regional food projects and programs across the country!

Leah Douglas on the site Serious Eats does a great job keeping track of food issues and recapping them in a very easy to read, easy to process way. Here is her recap for the week.

Here is a great brussel sprout recipe from Terry Walters and a great site to know about The Institute for Integrative Nutrition…

The Salt post on NPR always has interested items about the food world, here is one on what’s going on in the world of cheese in Wisconsin.

And for me, a week can’t go by without reading a post from Ben Hewitt.. Who seems to be involved with a new publication Taproot.

Of course, after I hit the “Publish” button, an email comes in my box of a great blog post, here is Eleanor Barron of Nourishing Words just published this post titled, “Caring About Food” which has a lot of great thoughts, information on a course she is involved with “Hungry for Change, Food, Ethics and Sustainability” (sorry it is on the east coast) but you can go to the site to at least see the topics for discussion.

And another weekly stalwart, Nourishing the Planet....

And can’t forget local blogger Hugh Amano and his salons, Hugh just posted a new piece on Food on the Dole here, “I’d Love For You To Come, But You’ve Gotta Stay Here and Cure”

Finally, speaking of the local in local chefs, Nellcote the new restaurant with chef Jared Van Camp at the helm has gotten a ton of press but it is really well deserved, Jared is putting the big L in LOCAL. Here is a video by Grub Street/Sky Full of Bacon on the The Smell of Flour and how Nellcote is grinding their own flour... and if you want another view of Element Collective at play go here to see how the restaurant was put together . What I like to people taking care over what they are doing and enjoying it!

I am sorry if I missed your favorite weekly read, let me know in the comments section below and I will add insert it above!


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  1. Hungry for Change promises to be a thought-provoking discussion course. It’s easy to set one up where you are; I hope you’ll think about it. NWEI makes it so simple!

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