The Weekly Harvest Blogs Here and Yonder 1/25/12

January 25, 2012 at 5:06 pm

The top of the pile of weekly posts this week, sometimes those top of the pile ones come after I hit the “publish” button, are the heartfelt comments of Rob Levitt of The Butcher and Larder, “Know Your Farmer”, on the sad news of the sudden death of Q7 Ranch Owner, Frank Morgan. If there is one thing about buying local, sourcing local, is that it reminds us that we are human, people, all connected, and part and participating in a community.

Every week I love checking what is going on at Nourishing The Planet, sponsored by the Worldwatch Institute, they tend to make posts every day. Their latest posts have included: 1/25 “Agricultural Innovation: Creating a Second Green Revolution“, NTP TV, “Creating Farms that Produce Food and Energy“, 1/24″Five School Programs Feeding America’s Children“, 1/23 “Canihua, Quinoa’s Little Cousin Packs a Nutritional Punch“, 1/21 “Denmark’s Tax on Fat, Trimming Waistlines or Wallets“, 1/20 “Changing the Way We Eat”, 1/20 “Resolving the Food Crisis” 1/19 “Innovation of the Week:Greening the Desert“.

When Ben Hewitt, the Vermont farmer and author of 2 books, “The Town that Food Saved” and “Making Supper Safe” posts again, I will update this page to a link to the new post.

Another out-of-towner whose post’s I love is Heidi Swanson out of San Francisco, she has published 2 books, “Super Natural Cooking” and “Super Natural Every Day” and her latest post at her site 101recipes is a “Miso Sesame Winter Squash Recipe“.

Docsconz – Anyone who is curious as to how artisanal chocolate is made, this is a great step, by step account of Mast Brothers chocolate.

As to local bloggers, Hugh Amano at Food On the Dole titled his latest post “Forget the Oscars-Come to the Salon” and he has more Salon dates open for February including, Rustic Italian, Mid-winter Market, No Valentine Required Brunch, and a Vegetarian Salon on the agenda. has a post up on National Soup month here.

You can’t omit SkyFullofBacon here.

And then of course for the latest run down on chefs and food and fun, Beauty and Her Feast, Kiki Luthringshausen.

Oops, why did I only now discover The Backyard Navel?

Looking forward to posts about Chapter 2: The Farm to Table Couple at TheHonestMealProject.

And another favorite blogger, multi-talented like all the bloggers above but busy, so he hasn’t posted in January yet but looking forward to it when he does, Grant Kessler, at My .

Well, folks, that does it for the roundup this week, if you do read this and have a favorite farm, food, forager blogger, here or yonder, leave the link in the comments section below.