The Weekly Harvest – January 17th on Blogs Here and Yond

January 17, 2012 at 12:09 pm

For the aspiring locavore, between work, family, and shopping at the markets there is never enough time to catch all that is being created in the farm, food, blog world so here is brief recap of a few of the ones that I caught this week. If you have a favorite blogger, or site that you read and check every week please leave the name, link, in the comments and I will try to include it next week!! All ideas, information is much appreciated!!

In the round-up of farmers, food and posts, I found Elizabeth’s Baron’s site Nourishing Words. Maybe it was the picture of “Slow Down, People Breathing” or the fact that she resides in New Hampshire and I went to college there. I think I first heard of her through the Twitter world and I now am a subscriber. Her recent post is titled “The Five Advantages of Social Cooking” is so true!!!

Can’t forget soulful farmer,writer Ben Hewitt’s weekly post, here,“My End of the Bargain

Alpana Singh is not only a top sommelier, TV personality on “Check Please” but she now has fromager as another ability. Her blog post, “I Aim to Cheese”  on her stint behind the counter at Pastoral Artisan this past December gives you some insights as to what it feels like to be behind the counter. All I know is that some of the people behind the cheese stands at the markets always have some interesting tidbits to impart, take advantage of their knowledge, taste their cheese and ask them questions!

A week can’t go by without my checking “Nourishing The Planet” , they have posts almost every day and they are always upbeat, informative and inspiring on innovations and positive changes going on around the globe.

NTP is a project of The Worldwatch Institute who has content of their own,”Youth Deserve Gold Medals for Sustainability”.

Chocolate and Zucchini from across the pond.

Local blogger Lottie and Doof wrote about cornbread, “Custard Filled Cornbread“, yum!

With the Good Food Festival coming up in March, FamilyFarmed continues to keep people abreast of the latest developments in improving and strengthening the chicagoland foodshed, here is their latest post, “State Economic Development Director Releases New Tools to Build Distribution Channels for Local Foods”.

There are so many great LOCAL bloggers, please leave your favorites in the comments section below.