Be an Armchair Advocate for the Holidays!

November 23, 2011 at 12:53 pm

With the holidays here, it is that time of year of giving thanks, eating, drinking and family. Yet, it is, also, the time of year of being spread thin in terms of time and money. However, issues that need your attention are still looming out there, like the Farm Bill. What to do, when you don’t have the time? Well, the answer is to do some armchair advocacy!! If you spend any time on your computer, Ipad or smart phone, then take 2 seconds and click away at some of the organizations that are doing all the adovcacy work for you and need your help.

I realize, the Local Beet community is pretty savvy and aware, so for many this may be old news, but click on FoodDemocracyNow and they are doing all the research on the Farm Bill for you and will alert you to changes and when action is needed, like a “click” from you.  FoodandWaterWatch is doing the work on environmental action for you, all you need to do is access your computer, Ipad or phone and “click”. The Worldwatch’s Nourishing the Planet project is monitoring sustainable agricultural projects around the globe and needs your attention.

There are tons of local groups and organizations that could use your “likes” on Facebook, The Local Beet of course, if you haven’t already, Slow Food Chicago, Green City Market, Good Food Festival Chicago, Purple Asparagus, Green Grocer, City Provisions, Logan Square Kitchen, Edible Chicago and the list goes on, there are many more. Find the organizations that you want to support and “like” them on Facebook, it does make a difference. The big food companies are hiring the top social media agencies to help spread their word, so you can be an armchair advocate and take 2 seconds to support your local groups.

As the world continues to go cyber, “likes”, “epetitions”, “eletters” all make a difference and take 2 seconds for you to take action. Zina Murray at Logan Square Kitchen, put tons of time and money in her efforts to change the health inspection codes for small businesses but her epetition on helped as well.

In this world where action is needed immediately, armchair advocacy is a small way but an easy, accessible way to make a difference. “Likes” make a difference, signing epetitions make a difference. If you are worried about too much email, I am sure some of you have done this, set up another gmail account for advocacy groups, so when you only have a few minutes, check your advocacy email, take action and “click”. For “Local Beeters” things like the Farm Bill still need your attention during the holidays, take a few minutes out and do some armchair advocacy and “click”. Though remember, do read before you “click” and “click responsibly”. Happy holidays, happy eating and happy “clicking”!!