All the Cool Kids Crop Mob

August 23, 2011 at 10:20 am

Last year we attended a “crop mob” organized by Tom Leavitt of White Oak Gourmet at Illinois’s Spence Farm.  We shucked sorghum, planted garlic and heard the story of how Marty Spence helped save Iroquois corn.  A very fulfilling day!  You can read our report here.  Tom’s organizing another crop mob at Spence Farm for the fall.  We think we’ll be there again, and we hope you join us too.  In the meantime, we have another crop mob for you to join.

To crop mob is to descend on an area farm for the purpose of providing a hand and learning a bit of farm life.  It’s a win-win, as the farm gets some key help and us city-folk understand a bit better the origins of our food.  On August 27, the Junior Board of Green City Market will crop mob at Radical Root Farm in Grayslake, Illinois.  Join them at 730 at Green City Market, where several carpools will be organized.  Then, expect a day of farm work–dress accordingly.  Your reward, a potluck lunch at the farm.  This is our kinda day.

We really enjoyed our day last fall at Spence Farm.  We really believe in the value of the crop mob, both in the help it affords the farm and in the experience it provides the mobbers.  We’ll get you more details on this year’s Spence Farm event when we have it.  We can give you more details on this Saturday’s event here.  Mob up.