Midwest Farm to Table Dinner at North Pond – Aug 24 – Bring ‘em In

August 2, 2011 at 5:46 pm

I happen to like Steve Plotnicki.  He may carry his arguments too far; he rarely brokers concession; ever confident in the value of his specific experiences; not everyone likes him as much.  I can tell you honestly, that underneath Steve’s brusque and rude exterior lies a brusque and rude interior.  He likes it that way, but underneath that, well underneath that, he’s not such a bad guy.  Really.  And in many years of arguing food with him on his now defunct Board, over caramel corm sweetbreads at Schwa, or walking down Milwaukee Ave, I can remember few (if any) arguments “won”, but much learned.  Part of my dedication to local food comes from Steve’s exhortations towards quality.  He may look worldwide for it, I find it mostly in my backyards (figuratively speaking).  You can get a lot out of listening to him.  He’s also pretty good at bringing ‘em in, as is Bruce Sherman, Chef of North Pond.  They’ve lined up quite a meal on August 24 at North Pond.

This dinner features Sherman and four other chefs.  The assembled crew all offer cuisine drawn from Midwestern farms yet placed in the forefront of today’s cooking.  The chefs of this night might not be El Bulli out there, but they do more than grill, boil and fry.  This night with Josh Adams from June in Peoria, Justin Aprahamian from Sanford in Milwaukee, Michael Bulkowski from Revolver in Findlay, Ohio, and Gerard Craft from Niche in St. Louis offers chances to eat local and chances to see what can be done with local food.

The cost of the dinner is $140/guest, exclusive of beverage, tax, and gratuity. We are including a special welcome cocktail, passed canapés, and an optional $45 wine pairing. See here for more details.

North Pond

2610 N. Cannon Drive . Chicago . IL 60614

ph. 773 . 477 . 5845