Tickets Still Available For Green City Market BBQ – This Thur – 7.21

July 18, 2011 at 1:54 pm

Last Saturday, I visited Green City Market to participate in the lovely tour provided by Chef Sarah Stegner.  During my time at Green City Market, I learned, contrary to my assumptions, that tickets remained available for their BBQ forthcoming.  In fact, I learned that they very much want you all to still come.

As it has been called by many, this is truly the Taste of Chicago.  For one thing, you eat from nearly every talented chef around town.  For another thing, you eat from the bounty of the summer market.  There is no better showcase for our town’s culinary talent, and from my perspective, no better way to understand why we love eating locally.  Go for the food miles but come away loving food, or come for the food but come away with a new found appreciation for food miles.  It is convincing either way.

Need more?  This post over at LTHForum showcases the various pasts Green City BBQ’s, so you can fully see how much fun people had, and this list gives you all the needed details on who’s cooking this year.

Will-Call tickets are still available and at the Market on THIS Wednesday (at the Information Booth).  The eating starts Thursday at 530 PM, in Lincoln Park.