Another Successful FamilyFarmed Expo – The Local Beet Recaps – UPDATED

March 20, 2011 at 8:56 pm

For three days, those involved in the good food gathered at the UIC Forum in an area once known as Maxwell Street.  On Thursday Financiers talked with Forkers about how to get the money into the movement.  Friday, Policy Folk and the Food Trade intermingled over insight and invocations.  Saturday, it turned to you, the eater, the buyer, the consumer; how to cook better, grow better, take advantage better.  It was a chance to walk the floor amongst CSA farmers and Cliff bar samplers.  Meet  your locavore neighbors.  Pay a buck for a Crop to cup and enjoy a bowl of pozole for free.  If you liked milk and cheese, you were in the right place.  The Local Beet was with FamilyFarmed from the initial planning through all three days of the event.  We will be highlighting our coverage here.  Look for updates as more reports come.


For all those who attended our panels Saturday on four season eating, eating local on a budget or home cheesemaking, or who stopped by our table, we extend a warm welcome to our site.  Here’s our guide for sticking around.

In the panel on four season eating, we barely had time to discuss the ins and outs of making the harvest last.  Our previously published guide on Making the Most of the Seasonal Bounty guides you through the issues involved with storage and preservation.  In this article, you will also find links to many excellent resources on canning, drying, freezing, and other methods necessary to put up food.

New! – Keighty summarizes her cheese making class.