Local Beet Find of the Week – Eden Farms Indoor Grown Produce

March 18, 2011 at 7:36 am

On Saturday, I’ll participate in a panel at the FamilyFarmed Expo on eating local year-round.  I’ll offer a simple prescription to how it’s done: a combination of stored and preserved foods and foods grown indoors.  Perhaps oddly, the more difficult part of the equation for those in the Chicago area is finding a consistent supply of indoor grown winter produce, whether it’s hearty greens grown in hoop houses or water born items like lettuces.  Some of this problem stems from limited capacity of places like City Farm and Growing Power.  Some of it stems from limited distribution of the product out there.

We were very pleased to learn of a product out there, out there at least on the North Shore.  Eden Farms grows lettuces, herbs, rocket and other products hydroponically on a farm in Lebanon, Indiana.  They mostly sell their products in Indiana, but we learned at the FamilyFarmed Expo that their stuff can also be found at the Sunset Food stores in the Chicago area.

This is not the first time we have heard of Sunset carrying products from a local farm.  It’s a reminder also that it’s not where you shop, but what you shop for.  Seek out the local where ever you go.