A Well Deserved Award for Good Eating

February 24, 2011 at 10:26 am

It’s probably not news to any Beetnik that Melissa Graham, our Sustainable Cook, produces good eating, nor is it probably not news to anyone already that the Chicago Tribune gave one of its 2011 Good Eating Awards to her.  Still, we want to extend a special Beet congratulations. 

The 2011 Award summarizes Melissa’s career, also probably known to a lot of you: high-falutin’ lawyer yet highly talented home cook, rejects the Bar to man the bar for various functions through a catering company called Monogramme Events all the while spearheading Purple Asparagus, a group focused on bringing families back to the source of good foods.  A pretty cool story.  And a story hardly complete.

The Melissa Graham story changed quite a bit in the last few years, and from a selfish perspective, it changed a bit for the worse for the Local Beet.  We at the Beet love Melissa’s recipes and her tips on composting and living the sustainable life.  We nudge her all the time for more content for the site.  Yet, we cannot feel too bad because we know that Melissa has changed her focus from lawyer to caterer to advocate and educator.  While she can still dish up a tasty event, her focus now stands almost entirely on working on the causes of school lunches and healthy eating for kids like her little Loca-Thor.  If anything, Melissa’s Good Eating Award comes too soon because her efforts have really just begun.

We really look forward to watching Melissa’s efforts.  We know that the energies and drive that made her a top-notch lawyer and an expert bread-baker, will make her an effective voice for children.  Every week seems to bring a new week from hell for Melissa as she balances being a mom with all her demonstrations and meetings.  Somewhere in there we hope for some Local Beet time, but we know all the kids and causes that are getting her time benefit pretty well.