You Never Know Where Your Cheese Will Show – Finding Local Cheese at the Grocery Store

October 7, 2010 at 10:27 am

As far as eating locally goes, making your own food is as local as it gets.  Nevertheless, sometimes making your own food is inconvenient and, for some, it’s nice to take a break and buy a locally made product instead.

 Cheese is no exception.  I love making cheese and think it’s enjoyable and exciting.  Sometimes even I buy my cheese at the store.  Like what about the times I don’t have 3 months to wait for the cheddar I made because my calendar tells me I have a potluck tonight.  Sometimes we missed the farmer’s markets this week.  We need some delicious cheese in a hurry.  When you shop for cheese, don’t settle for processed or non-local cheeses even at the grocery store.

 Luckily, local eating is a new craze.  And for us finding who already find it a way of living, the trends makes it easier for us.  Supermarkets are beginning to spend a lot of time and energy on promoting locally grown and produced items, especially for local cheeses.  And that’s great news, for the shopper.

 Here are a few of the cheeses I buy:

 Please note that many farms sell to more than one of these stores.  This is more of an overview.  I encourage you to support these stores and find a cheese vendor you’ve never tried before!

 Whole Foods

Capriole Farmstead Goat Cheeses – Indiana

Brunkow Cheese of Wisconsin – Wisconsin


I haven’t found any yet but I’m hoping with all their talk about local/organic produce, that dairy case is next!  If you have found locally made cheese sold here, let me know!

 The Dill Pickle Co-Op

Traders Point Creamery – Indiana

 The Green Grocer

Otter Creek Organic Farm – Wisconsin

Crave Brother’s Farmstead Cheese -Wisconsin

 Marion Street Cheese Market

Prairie Fruits Farm – Illinois                                                              

 Other places to try are FoodsMart in Logan Square and Stanley’s Fruit and Vegetable Market in Noble Square.

 Hopefully, this list will help you feel like eating and buying local cheeses is not out of reach.  We are all busy and have little time to take a shower let alone worry about missing the farmers market.  So, now if you can’t make it to the market check out these local businesses to find your local food (support local businesses while supporting local businesses – whoa.)

 Enjoy your local cheeses!





  1. Rob Gardner says:

    Great list Keighty. I always say local food is where you find it, and you can find it all over the places. At Jewel (in fact one of the few things I actually like about Jewel), you can find the excellent Italian style cheeses from Wisconsin’s Sartori. Don’t forget Costco. While like about everything there, the inventory is inconsistent, I’ve found lots of good local cheeses there.

    BTW, your post reminds me that I still have not gotten around to boasting about our local cheese team’s winning performance at this year’s American Cheese Society bash.

  2. Don’t forget Provenance and City Provisions – both carry local cheeses!

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