Pave Henri – the stinky but delicious cheese

September 9, 2010 at 8:31 pm

A friend of mine from Portland sent me this article because he knew I like cheese.¬†Upon reading it, I realized it was about Joe Burns from Brunkow Cheese of Wisconsin! They’re talking about his Pave Henri cheese – a particularly stinky variety, but according to the author, a very delicious cheese. I am certainly going out to look for it!

Check out the blog and read about a cheese that you may not have tried before and see if you can find it the next time you’re at Green City Market.




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  1. Rob Gardner says:

    Great call Keighty! And do search this cheese out. I was a bit surprised recently, when the Reader named the best local cheese of the year and it was not this. Brunkow sells at several markets besides GCM including Lincoln Square, Wicker Park and Oak Park. This cheese should be on everyone’s plates for the Locavore Challenge.

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