Staying On Beet

August 23, 2010 at 10:05 am

Rob Gardner

As we wind down the summer–are your little locavores back in school this week–the Beet keeps a-pounding.  We wanted to update you on some things forthcoming as well as remind you of some things that have just happened.

  • Last week we got a sneak preview of the about to be opened City Provisions Deli.  We think it will fill some key voids, and we will be telling you more about it soon.
  • We also took some pictures of the Tomato Mountain farm in Brooklyn, Wisconsin, employer of the Local Mom, and we shall get them on the site ASAP.
  • Melissa Graham, the Sustainable Cook never slows down.  She’ll mix you up a tasty cocktail at Prairie Fire on Tuesday, August 23 to help support Purple Asparagus.
  • The Annual Purple Asparagus benefit, Corks and Crayons is next Sunday.
  • The harvest rolls.  We have provided guidance for in-season produce.  We will post shorty, a special guide on putting-up tomatoes.
  • We keep our market shopping tips updated.
  • The Local Family has called out Farmer’s Market BS BS.  Come pile on in the comments.  Expect more ranting from the Local Family this week on the locavore backlash.
  • Share your compost experience in our Compost Chronicles.
  • Keighty updates you on some good cheese plates around town.
  • Finally, follow our Blog as we add eat local events and recap what you’ve missed.