Local Food at Caputo’s, Jewel, Dominicks

July 21, 2010 at 11:02 am

This week’s round of flyers in the Chicao Tribune indicates that local food can be found at the dominant local chains, Jewel and Dominicks.  The Caputo’s flyer also advertises much local food.  The others, Food4Less, Ultra, show no local.

Last week, Local Beet wine maven, Wendy Aeschlimann commented on Jewel promoting their local food by playing off people’s laziness.  It’s true that people are often lazy, and it is true that large swaths of our population do not want to shop at farmer’s markets.  Still, the availability of local food at Jewel and other supermarkets is not just an usurpation of farmer’s markets.  It is very nice to have local food when you need it.  Farmer’s markets cannot always do that.  What if something came up, a need to cook dinner for your wife’s boss tonight.  Should you go to Whole Foods because it is not the date of your local market.  Or what if, like it seems to happen in our bungalow, the kids eat all the fruit in one sitting.  Go fruitless for the week?  Finally, there are times, when even the most ardent locavores need to enter a supermarket, how ’bout for stickers for your lawn waste.  Getting some local produce makes that trip better, no.  We want you to shop at your farmer’s markets or at stores like Green Grocer Chicago, but we also know there are times you need to take advantage of what else is there.

From the July 21 inserts:


  • Michigan string beans
  • Michigan zucchini
  • Michigan eggplant
  • “Locally grown”" (probably Wisconsin) cabbage
  • “Locally grown”" (probably Illinois) sweet corn

*Not advertised, but seen in store on 7/20/10 – Michigan romaine lettuce


  • “Locally grown”" (probably Illinois) sweet corn
  • “Locally grown”" (probably Indiana) Athena cantaloupe
  • Illinois peaches

*Bonus @ Dominick’s – locally grown gladiolas


  • Indiana watermelon
  • Michigan green peppers
  • Michigan green beans
  • Michigan blueberries
  • Illinois sweet corn

Tell us what types of local foods you are seeing in your big box stores.