Eat Local Asparagus Challenge – Saved by the Local Kid

May 27, 2010 at 9:35 am

We were nearly down for the count.  No local asparagus had been eaten in the Bungalow by 8 PM last night.  I had realized that I could have skipped the turkey sandwich and gone for something aspa-like for lunch, but now was too late.  Myself and 2 of 3 of the girls had skipped out of locavore eating for an old school Italian bargain in Cicero, the $6.95 all you could eat pasta special at Al’s.  With too much “samples” pawned on us by Joe at Freddy’s, where had stopped for follow-up ices, I had no appetite for an asparagus snack.  It would come down to the Local Kid back from a day at Great America.  Could she follow up all that garbage with something green?


Saved by her dinner of leftover asparagus-rice salad.  The Eat Local Challenge goes forward.

That was Day 22.  Day 21 was leftover roulade, the asparagus wrapped inside round steaks.