Eat Local Asparagus – Fatigue Sets In, Day 20

May 25, 2010 at 4:53 pm

I think it was overall dissatisfaction with last night’s dinner.  It was fish.  Frozen fish but local fish, a slab of lake trout from Costco.  I think it was me not the fish.  I steamed it with the best intentions.  It would be Asian-ish, with black beans.  Steamed asparagus along side.  Now, there was also dissatisfaction with the amount of udon noodles I made.  I blame the package on that as the udon came in 3 servings of 3.1 ounce and the package gave nutritional information for 2 ounce portions.  There was some kinda implication, I am sure that one bundle would serve over 4.  It did not.  Now, I have no one to blame for over-steaming the fish, which lead to awfully fishy fish.  Turning their noses at the foul fish, the Local Family turned their anger on the asparagus.  Had we eaten enough asparagus.

Well, I reminded my wife that she was not individually liable for asparagus eating; that the rules just required someone in the Local Family to eat the asparagus.  So, myself and the kids would eat leftover roulade tonight, with the asparagus inside.  By tomorrow, hopefully, she should be ready.  After all, she purchased duck eggs on Saturday to go with some asparagus.


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  1. Patrick Sheerin says:

    Viva Asparagus!! It is time to gorge yourself on it. Rob-quit steaming the asparagus! Peel it and roast it with olive oil and a clove or two of garlic; hot pan, peeled asparagus, salt, garlic, olive oil, hot oven 4 minutes = delicious. The flavor molecules in asparagus are water soluble so I’m sure the flavor from steaming was pretty weak-it dilutes it. You need roasting or grilling to intensify the sweetness (also increased by peeling). Pick up the Vetri cookbook and make asparagus mayonaisse; its tasty-use this to make trout salad with a small dash of smoke powder from the Spice house, spring onions, lemon zest and some fresh horseradish from southern IL. If all else fails, call chef Virant and start the pickle party. Enjoy, any questions, drop me a line-I’ve got more ideas for you, but you know how I am about asparagus. Best. Pat.

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