Celebrate Victory with Joy

March 23, 2010 at 9:05 am

Avid gardener and blogger LaManda Joy unearths the fascinating stories behind Chicago’s World War II Victory Garden effort in a lecture/performance titled “Chicago Victory Gardens: Yesterday and Tomorrow.

LaManda Joy and her cast reveal how Chicago mobilized to deal with food rationing and severely decreased resources while building morale and community pride to become the Victory Garden role model for the entire nation.

Using historical documents, photographs, multi-media, music and live performers, the lecture illuminates touching personal stories of the citizens that planted, harvested and preserved food for their families over four war-weary summers.

The second part of the lecture focuses on “tomorrow.” LaManda Joy outlines parallels between the Victory Gardeners of the 1940s and the booming garden movement of today, illustrating how technology fuels this large-scale gardening revival by providing education, inspiration and community for a new generation of gardeners.


Sunday, March 28 at 2 p.m.

Chicago Dank-Haus (4740 N. Western Ave.; Chicago, IL 60625)

Tickets are $7 and for sale at www.theyarden.com. Proceeds will be donated to Hyperlocavore–a yardsharing community.

Awarded honorable mention in Mayor Daley’s Landscape Competition for 2009, LaManda Joy’s 1,700 square foot, heirloom organic garden in Chicago’s 40th Ward is a laboratory and teaching ground for friends and neighbors. Her blog, theyarden.com, chronicles the joys and challenges of urban gardening and reflects the skills and passion of its veteran creator.

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