Welcome FamilyFarmed Expo Attendee’s

March 15, 2010 at 9:16 pm

Rob Gardner

The Local Beet sent four representatives to the FamilyFarmed Expo last week.  There was Brad, Melissa, myself and Robin.  Except for Brad, we participated in various panels.  We also did a great deal of schmoozing in the halls.  Melissa even catered the damn thing.  For those of you coming to the Local Beet since the Expo, we have a few things for you.

Brad gave some initial impressions.  He’ll be back for more later.

Here’s my little rundown of the results of sittin’ in the middle of a movement over three days.

Did you go to the backyard chicken panel?  Here’s the piece that Helen Standen wrote for us.

Ask about preserving your seasonal bounty?  Both Melissa and I made references to this piece.

We try to regularly harvest some interesting eat local links from around the Internet, and this week we culled various links related to the Expo.

Update: Don’t let all that motivation from the Expo slack.  The Local Calendar is full with winter markets, farm dinners, maple tapping’s, chef discussions and more.

Update: Brad reports on some of the urban success stories showcased at the Expo.

Update: Helen’s chickens make it through the winter.