The Weekly Harvest – FamilyFarmed Expo Edition – Updated (Again!)

March 15, 2010 at 3:20 pm

Update: since we put this together earlier this week, some more reports and recaps from the Expo emerged across the Internet.  See below.

This week’s culling of eat local links centers on the recently held FamilyFarmed Expo held in Chicago.

No one more diligently captured the comings and goings at the Expo than Tammy and Bridget of Chicago Bites.  Here’s their report on Consumer Day.  For a more detailed account, see their Twitter feed.  They also rounded up all of the various on-site Twitter-ers, so you can re-live the Expo in bursts of 140 characters.

Martha Bayne, who always makes us pine for Washington Island went all new media with the Expo.  Go to her blog to start and then follow the links from there.

Piecing together tweets and live blogs only gets you so far, and Chicagoist has some photos too. Organic Nation also posted some pics to a Flickr account.

Xan did not leave the Expo convinced.

And Owl and Bunny posts some related links (thanks for including us) and promises more.

Update: A volunteer reports back.

Update: Martha Bayne can do old media to, with a very complete Expo recap (even if I’m just a “local speaker” with a witty quote!).

Update: Here’s another recap for those who missed it.

Update: Irv and Shelly had a blast, especially when their truck could be seen from the Expo window.

Update: Finally, for now, we have, as promised Monday, more from Owl and Bunny.

We had a blast at the Expo.  We hope you get a little Internet thrill reading about it.  If we find more reports, we’ll add them, so do check back.