Tasting Local Wine Off The Shelf With Drew From West Town Tavern

March 12, 2010 at 2:14 pm

Recently, I wrote about how rewarding it can be to drink local wine when I participated in Black Star Farms’ virtual tasting. For that event, I ordered wine from Black Star Farms’ website and had it delivered to my home. But is it just as easy to find great local wine if you walk into a Chicagoland store and buy it off the shelf? I will attempt to answer that question. First, I will source a sampling of local wine sold retail in Chicagoland. Then, I will taste these wines with Drew Goss, wine guru at West Town Tavern, and report back to you. In other words, we’ll find and taste the wine for you – so you know exactly what to buy. Sound good? Stay tuned for the results of our tasting.