Yes, You Can Eat Local Grains

January 18, 2010 at 3:08 pm

One of the most often asked questions about eating local is, “what about local grains.”  Yes, there are farmers around the Chicago area that grow grains for consumer use, but these grains are often difficult to track down.  Hardly any farmer’s market has a grain-guy.  Moreover, when there are grains to be had, it is often of limited variety.  Well, this Saturday, at a winter market in Chicago, you have a special opportunity to add to your collection of local grains.  Yes, eat local.  Eat local grains.

So, we have a great opportunity to try some local grain and maybe build an ongoing relationship in the process. 

Plapp Family Farm used to sell their flour at Green City Market.  They now sell at only one summer market, the bi-monthly at Independence Park on Sundays, so it’s possible you’ve never heard of them.  They will be participating one-time-only at a Winter Farmers Market on Sunday, January 24, 12 to 3pm, at Irving Park Lutheran Church near Independence Park.  (Email if you’d like to be added to the email list for more information about that and other winter markets.)

 The Plapps grow certified organic wheat and corn in Malta IL, and offer what they call All Purpose Flour, Pastry Flour, Buckwheat Flour, and Cornmeal.  They’re taking pre-orders for 25# bags of Pastry Flour and Cornmeal for this market.  If you speak with them, you might be able to get them to go to 50# bags and maybe the “all purpose” flour.  Please make sure you’re clear what they mean by “all purpose flour” and “pastry flour”; terminology varies so you should be sure that you can get from them what meets your needs.  (For example, their “pastry flour,” while finely ground and sifted, is not pure white and has some germ left in it.)

 To discuss and make your order, call or email Adrian or Debbie Plapp at 815-825-2589 or